About Upick

When I decided to launch Upick, I wanted to bring my experience of more than 11 years in financial markets and 6 years in sports betting. I created a specially crafted service for me that would be honest, trustworthy, that would make my account grow every month and would allow me to make a living off of it.

I believe that after two years of testing, we have achieved it with the help of some people that belong to this great team. We realized that success is not measured by obtaining a high percentage of hits but by having the best money management in the industry.

Carlos Lazo Reyes / Upick Founder and CEO

How do we do it?

We designed an algorithm using up to 15 variables for each sport. We realized that the numbers represent the behavior and success of human beings in every discipline, and with a system and analysis of each sportsbook, we can identify opportunities for success.

Honesty and Trust

We wanted to do something completely different and be as transparent as possible, so we took a screenshot of our account to view our bets each day so clients can see how our profits increased each month.

In addition, we include our warranty because we do not want you to pay a single losing day of your service contract. Therefore, if you have a negative day, an additional day is added automatically to your membership.

Customer Service

At Upick, customer service is our priority and to meet your expectations we are always available to answer your questions:

  • Reach out to us 365 days a year.
  • We have professionals ready to help and any complaints will be taken care of.
  • Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.