Important conditions

- You have from July 10, 2020 at 12:00 hrs. until July 24, 2020 at 15:00 hrs. (GMT-5) to complete your 4 Challenges and participate in the special Challenge.

- The last day to participate in the special Challenge is July 24, 2020 at 16:00 hrs.

- You must make your predictions for the special Challenge on the first matchday of La Liga MX (Guadianés 2020).

- The prize will be awarded to the person with the highest hit rate. If there are 2 or more people in first place, the prize will be distributed evenly among the winners.

- Only one entry per person is allowed in the special Challenge for the guaranteed prize.

- The prize will appear in your available balance and you can withdraw it at any time. With Upick withdrawals, you’ll receive your earnings in less than 24 hours. You also have the option to leave it in your account and use it to continue competing, earning more and/or purchase any of our other services. For more information see full conditions.

Complete conditions

- In the event that there are 2 or more people tied in first place, the prize will be distributed evenly among the winners.

- Only Challenges valued at $3 USD, $9 USD and/or $20 USD are eligible to participate. Challenges entered using the Upick bonus do not count towards this promotion.

- By participating and potentially winning the prize, you grant your consent and authorization for Upick to use your image strictly for marketing purposes related to the contest.

- You cannot withdraw your bonus. Any earnings using the bonus will be added to your withdrawal balance, however, your bonus will not be included in your earnings. For example, you place a Challenge of $3 USD and you come in second place, assuming that the prize for second place is $15 USD, you will be credited $12 USD to your available withdrawal balance. You can enter a different Challenge or buy a Upick membership with your bonus. If a Challenge is voided for external reasons, your bonus will be returned to you.

- All offers for clients are limited to one per person. Upick reserves the right to withdraw the offer, void any Challenge, and / or eliminate the earnings associated with it at any time without prior notice, in case of having reasonable indications that the bonus or offer is being used by the same person more than once or by a group of people, who are directly and / or indirectly related to one another.

- When any term of the offer or promotion is not met or there is evidence that the same individual or group of individuals have made a series of deposits taking advantage of increased payments, bonuses, credits, promotion codes and / or any other promotion that guarantees profits regardless of the result, Upick can claim the amount of the payment and / or void any Challenge placed. Additionally, in the event that there is evidence of said activity, Upick may charge a fee that covers possible administrative expenses (this may be of the same value or more) and take action against the individual or individuals.

- Upick reserves the right to claim the amount of any bonuses, free games, credits and / or payments that may have been paid in error. Upick may also, at any time and without notice, make minor changes to this promotion to correct typographical errors, to improve clarity or customer experience, and may cancel this promotion for legal or regulatory reasons.

- You have 90 days to use your bonus, if it is not used during this period of time it will automatically expire.

Only players from Mexico can participate, this Challenge is not open to the American public.

Affiliate Program

Upick Challenge

The Upick Challenge affiliate program gives you benefits when you invite friends and family to compete in Challenge.

Login to your account and find your personal code in the profile section, share it and give a FREE Welcome Challenge to your friends who register on the page to try our service.

Get 1 point for each Challenge that your friends enter in any of the leagues, 20 points equals a FREE Challenge available in all leagues except for Liga MX.

The more people that use your code, the more you earn with Upick.


1. The FREE Welcome Challenge applies only to new users on the page.

2. The FREE Challenges placed by your friends do not count towards your Free Challenge.

3. You can share your code with as many new users as you want and you will accumulate 1 point for each paid Challenge they enter. This also applies to existing users, so you can receive many points from the same user if they continue to play.

4. The FREE Challenge does not apply with other active promotions on the page.

5. Your invited players must enter your code in order for the points to count towards your Free Challenge. Any Challenge entered in prior to using the code will not count towards receiving your Free Challenge.

6. In the case that any cheating or wrongdoing is detected, Upick reserves the right to cancel accounts and Challenges placed, as well as take legal measures if necessary.

7. Upick may request proof of documentation that validates the personal information of the account owner at any time it deems necessary.

8. Using your own code when entering a Challenge does not count as points towards a Free Challenge.

9. Once a code has been assigned to a user, it cannot be modified.