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We’ve designed our own algorithm using up to 15 variables for each sport. What we realized is, the numbers represent the behavior and success of human beings.

Through a system of analysis, we can identify success opportunities in the lines of each betting house.

How do I purchase a membership?

1. Enter upick.mx

2. Sign up or login.

3. Select BUY from the main menu.

4. Choose the membership of your choice.

5. Enter your credit card information.

6. Login to see the picks of the day and win.

How do I place my bets?

1. Login to the sportsbook of your choice.

2. Select the sports league.

3. Choose the team and type of bet recommended by UPICK.

4. On your betting ticket, enter the percentage of the capital recommended by UPICK. 

5. Repeat these steps with each game and click BET.