Our priority is for our customers to feel safe when buying their bets with Upick. We want you to be certain that when you purchase our membership, you will automatically become a winner. With Upick, we give you the tools to make you feel that you successfully manage your own money.

What we’ll say is the following:

We’re so confident that we are the best, that all Upick sports recommendations are guaranteed. If you manage your bets as we recommend and you lose one day, we will automatically give back the day you lost, ensuring only winning days during the subscription period. As a reminder, for the guarantee to be given the client must follow the recommendations as we give them.

NFL and Soccer memberships have a weekly warranty. If you don’t make money that week, we will add an additional week free of charge back to your subscription.

It’s that simple, with Upick every day is a winner.

How does it work?
  • Select your subscription.
  • Follow the recommendations as suggested.
  • Win!
  • If you don’t make money that day, we will automatically add an additional day/week free of charge back to your subscription. *The warranty on NFL/soccer memberships applies weekly.

* This warranty applies to purchased memberships. If you buy a Combo of 2 or more leagues and your day is positive, it counts as a winner.